The Brilliance of Pandora

Have you heard of OK, this is one of those things where you just have to tell someone to try it knowing that they’re going to love it. Trust me on this . . .

I have compiled all of my music into iTunes by now. I enjoy listening to all my music on random just so I can change things up. However, now that I’ve listened over, and over, and OVER again, I’m getting somewhat bored. I like the idea of Napster’s new subscription service, but don’t want to fork over money for music I can’t own. I also tried (great service), but found that the music I wanted just wasn’t there.

So, I heard about Pandora ( What they’ve done is brilliant. They compiled a database of music, but didn’t stop there. They review music and assign each artist to a predefined style. So, if I type in James Taylor as my radio playlist, I get a decent quality music stream of not just JT, but other artists that share the same style. AND, they play with no commercial interruption (for now anyway).

If you want to purchase a song, you just click the album and iTunes, Amazon, and other purchase links appear. It’s really a great way to discover new music. Give it a try even if it’s just to listen to great new music while working. Send me some comments – I know you’ll like it!

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