For the kids

I have two children, Maggie and Jake. If there’s one thing I’m concerned about, it’s surfing the web. Now, Jake is just 2 at this point, so his main purpose when it comes to the computer is to see how quickly he can rip the keys off of the laptop. Maggie, on the other hand, has really impressed me at how quickly she’s learning the ins and outs of browsing the web. Of course, the only place she wants to visit is the subject of this post –

I discovered about a year or so ago. If you have a 3 to maybe 6 year old, this site is great for games. I don’t have to worry about what she’ll click through to because the kid section loads in a different window that I can maximize.

Give it a look. The games are great and most are learning games. Maggie is spelling everything she sees. And, who knows, maybe this will take the place of a new Nintendo for a while . . . naaaah, I’ll have more to say about that in a bit!

Other website for girls: – not so much education, but fun nonetheless.

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