Handy Clean-up Helper

I work on a Laptop with a 40 GB hard drive. It’s going on 3 years old now . . . and it’s getting pretty full. I used to go through my hard drive and search for the biggest files, then scan through them and delete as needed. Man, that took a while. Well, I found a great new (and FREE!) program called WinDirStat (thanks Maximum PC Mag) that is so useful, I had to jot it down here so you could partake.

It’s a simple program that simply scans your hard drive, then gives you a color coded block “map” of your files. The bigger the block, the larger the file. So, if you have some video footage from a camera you don’t need, this will pinpoint it so you can zap it right there. Seriously, you can’t know how helpful it is until you use it.

Website to download from: http://windirstat.sourceforge.net (scroll down to the downloading part)

Now that’s how to make a buck

I was feasting over some good ol’ turkey and dressing this past weekend with my brother-in-law. We were discussing the usual pre-Christmas stuff, mainly new gaming systems coming out this Christmas – Nintendo’s Wii was on the way, XBox 360 already had a year’s head start, and then we came to the giant, Sony Playstation. I had already heard about folks waiting in line for hours . . . days even to grab one. I then heard stories about folks selling them for a profit. I had wondered just how often this happens, then, there at the dinner table, he tells me how his friend bought a PS3 for $600, then turned around and sold it for $3,000 . . . . that’s right, 3 Grand! He went on to tell me how his pal had bought several Tickle Me Elmos and sold them for around $150 a pop. I think he sold a Wii for $600 too . . . it came to around $5,000 for the weekend.

The sad thing is, I had the thought this past summer of doing just what that kid did. Oh, well, maybe next time I’ll learn to think ahead. It’s the American way, right?


Just when I almost bought a new cell phone . . . I’ve been listening to a few podcasts today and it seems that Apple has (and this is just rumor at this point) put in a huge order for phones to a manufacturer in Asia. Now, Apple is usually late to the party for joining in on existing products, but when they do, generally, they’re top notch.

So, if you don’t have an iPod and are in the market for a cell phone . . . . might be a good time to wait! I know I am!

Movie Time

Hey, if you’re like me, you don’t have much time for movies. However, if you travel a good bit, there’s a site I absolutely love. It’s called movielink.com – check it out here – and it allows you to download movies to your laptop. They usually have many new releases available, but I really like (and I’m showing how cheap I really am) to check out the 99 cent downloads on Monday – Thursday. You have to dig, but they’re linked on the left of the page, then scroll down to the bottom. Sometimes they have junk movies, but sometimes they give good stuff. Anyway, just thought you might want to give it a try. Oh, and it’s not just for laptops . . . any computer will do!

Urban Legends?

We’ve all received them . . . those emails that just seem a liiiiitle bit far fetched. Well, in case you didn’t know where to go to see what’s legit, head on over to www.snopes.com to do some digging. Always a fun way to stick it to your friends who know it “just has to be true”. Happy hunting . . .

Musician’s Friend

Hey, I just heard from Geek Brief that there’s a new LightSnake from Soundtech (www.soundtech.com). They had a great guitar input (quarter inch to USB) and now there’s an XLR version. All the processing is done in the cord itself! Too cool . . . I’m thinking of getting one for radio promos and such (and the occasional song writing effort!).


In performing web design for clients who are music artists, I run into alot of audio file conversion and editing. Alot of people ask me what they can use for editing audio files. Most of the time, the word FREE comes up! Well, not to worry – I found a great program called Audacity. It’s an open-source project that you can download for free. It’s really easy to use and can export WAV and MP3 files. Give it a try . . . it’s free!

Here’s the link to download: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/