Now that’s how to make a buck

I was feasting over some good ol’ turkey and dressing this past weekend with my brother-in-law. We were discussing the usual pre-Christmas stuff, mainly new gaming systems coming out this Christmas – Nintendo’s Wii was on the way, XBox 360 already had a year’s head start, and then we came to the giant, Sony Playstation. I had already heard about folks waiting in line for hours . . . days even to grab one. I then heard stories about folks selling them for a profit. I had wondered just how often this happens, then, there at the dinner table, he tells me how his friend bought a PS3 for $600, then turned around and sold it for $3,000 . . . . that’s right, 3 Grand! He went on to tell me how his pal had bought several Tickle Me Elmos and sold them for around $150 a pop. I think he sold a Wii for $600 too . . . it came to around $5,000 for the weekend.

The sad thing is, I had the thought this past summer of doing just what that kid did. Oh, well, maybe next time I’ll learn to think ahead. It’s the American way, right?

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