Handy Clean-up Helper

I work on a Laptop with a 40 GB hard drive. It’s going on 3 years old now . . . and it’s getting pretty full. I used to go through my hard drive and search for the biggest files, then scan through them and delete as needed. Man, that took a while. Well, I found a great new (and FREE!) program called WinDirStat (thanks Maximum PC Mag) that is so useful, I had to jot it down here so you could partake.

It’s a simple program that simply scans your hard drive, then gives you a color coded block “map” of your files. The bigger the block, the larger the file. So, if you have some video footage from a camera you don’t need, this will pinpoint it so you can zap it right there. Seriously, you can’t know how helpful it is until you use it.

Website to download from: http://windirstat.sourceforge.net (scroll down to the downloading part)

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