Maggie’s New Toy (and Dad’s too I guess)

Maggie (my almost 5 year old) is either blessed or cursed with a dad like me. I was so excited to see the new FP3 player from Fisher Price announced earlier this year, so I told Santa that Maggie just had to have it. I was not (I mean she was not) disappointed.

As far as MP3 players goes, it’s pretty straightforward. In fact, Maggie has it pretty much figured out. There’s a button for stories and a button for songs. Then, just a previous track button on the left and a next track button on the right followed by a play/pause button on the bottom.

The software works great too . . . just install the program and you have a store to purchase new songs or stories. I like the fact that you can add your own songs to the player (there’s an import from CD option). There’s a pink version and blue version and they’re extra tough (rubberized and heavy duty for dropping accidents).

Also, the volume on the unit is limited, so it won’t accidentally hurt her ears. I think the price is around $50 and it holds around 128 MB of audio. I’m sold, just thought I’d share the joy to give your kids an alternative to TV!

Click here to learn more.

Pure Hilarity

I’m sure some of you have seen the clever Elf Bowling around Christmas. Well, that’s all well and good, but the folks at Office Max have kicked it up a notch with With the right picture, it can be downright hilarious. I wasn’t too impressed with mine (found a crazy pic of me on vacation). Anyway, you be the judge (click here). Play around with the site . . . pretty fun way to waste time!

Hey, I have an idea . . .

I think we’ve all been there – a brilliant idea pops into our head and we just know that it will be HUGE once it’s brought to life. Well, now you can find out who thought of that brainchild first. Google makes it that much easier with their new Patent Search.

Actually, it’s pretty fun to check out just how bizarre some ideas are.

More TiVo Goodness

Just when you thought I’d shut up about TiVo, they announce some new great features. Yesterday (Dec 14th), TiVo announced new features for broadband connected boxes. I’ve been enjoying the TiVoCast feature where I download short shows about tech and other subjects. It looks like they’ll be expanding to lots of web content. You’ll be able to browse more than just your local TV channels as video on the web becomes more popular.

Also, you’ll be able to share content among family and friends such as home movies. This is what I’ve really been wanting. We have grandparents and in-laws that also have TiVo – we’d be able to share videos of the kids instantly over the web. Now that’s cool . . .

To read all about it, click here.

My Life, My Card

Here’s a quick post. I have an American Express Blue Card (I won’t go into the online protection and shopping protection, but needless to say, it’s a great card for online shopping). Well, I stumbled upon and, wow, they have some great deals. Unfortunately, tomorrow is the last day for this season, but there should be some cool stuff. Most is out of range for me money-wise, but still cool to look at!

Camera memory finally getting cheaper*

I’m noticing something . . . as I look at cards for my digital cameras, I see a pattern: prices are dropping big time! SD Memory Cards (which Alison uses in her Canon SD300) are usually near the bottom of the barrell on price, but other formats (Compact Flash, Memory Stick, etc.) aren’t too much higher.

It stands to reason that they’d be cheaper since higher capacities are coming out. The best deals I’m seeing are 1GB cards. However, 2 GB cards can be found almost as cheap with rebates (see asterisk in the title of this post . . . play your cards right when dealing with rebates! Guess I’ll post on that later!).

I know I’m a big supporter of, but that’s because they almost always have the best prices (and service for that matter). I’ve linked to the site below. Just type in SD Card or Compact Flash, etc. in their search bar and you’ll be taken to a selection of cards. What a great time to get some new memory cards for all those Christmas pictures!

Click here to search

P.S. If you’re looking for a great LCD TV, type in “Norcent 32 inch” above. Great reviews and even better price.

Sony SR100 Hard Drive Camcorder

Let me start this review by saying that I am using this camera as a loaner from my father-in-law. However, I have several hours of use

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