Here’s something I run into during the usual tech walk-thru every once in a while. It starts out like this: “Well, Lance, I can’t seem to make this certain program do this”. Now, once in a blue moon, I’ll know exactly what they’re talking about and right where to go (disclaimer: I am not a super-duper computer guru and don’t claim to be!). If their computer was in front of me, I’d have the problem solved super-fast and look like a real hero. Buuuuut, I’m stuck doing the exhilerating “click here, then here, then . . . no, go back . . . um, do you see the . . ” routine.

What I really would like to do at that point is just take over their machine. Well, there have been programs that offer that option for a while. However, you had to pay a monthly fee (which I can’t justify) or buy software (did I say justify? I meant I’m cheap).

Then, I found a cool little program called crossloop ( It makes the above task about as easy as checking email. You just download and install a simple program . . . your client does the same, and viola, you’re running their machine from any internet enabled machine. Good enough for me!

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