Google 411

Let me preface this post with the fact the Google’s SMS text feature has long been a favorite of mine. Let’s say you need to visit a restaurant in another city, but you don’t know the phone or address. Well, just send a text message to googl (no “e”) with the business name, city, and state and you’ll get a message back within 10 seconds telling you the wherabouts of the location. You can even highlight the phone number(s) (in most phones) and dial right to it. If you have a text plan, it’s great. Otherwise, it’s the normal fee (10 cents per text?).

Well, I was in love with that . . . until the newest thing from Google. Just call 1-800-GOOG-411 and you’ll be prompted by a voice asking the business, city, and state . . . it’s worked flawless for me every time.

Oh, and it will connect you for free . . . talk about sealing the deal.

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