New Tools for Mobility

OK, for years now, I’ve wanted to access my desktop computer from a hotel or otherwise when I’m away from the house. I think I might have mentioned as an option (it’s still a great service for accessing files). Also, I could use Remote desktop through Windows XP, but my home machine doesn’t have XP Pro.

I finally stumbled upon It does the same thing as in that you can see all your files on your machine at home and move them to your laptop or remote computer (and vice versa). BUT, there’s a big plus with LogMeIn called “Remote Control”. When you click it, it shows the screen of your other computer so you can use it just as if you were sitting there. Nice.

So, I can see this helping me when someone needs help with a question about their machine (tech support) or if there’s a program I need, I can access it remotely.

Oh, and did I mention it’s free? That’s the best part!