Soooooo nice

If you’re not sure whether the iPhone is legit or not. Try the link below. It’ll take you 20 minutes, but it’s alot of goooooood press!

UPDATE [06/30]
Wow . . . yeah, it’s that slick (looking anyway). I just got back from the Cingular . . . er AT&T store and tested the iPhone out. It runs as smoothly as I’d hoped. Applications faded in and out without a glitch or hiccup. I tried some of the sample movies and music and it worked great. I’m going to head back when I have some more time. I want to try out the calendar and other stuff. I’d say a couple of weeks’ time will get opinions flowing about it. Will post more as I know . . .

Email through Texting

Here’s a quick tip you might not know. I know, you probably do . . . but if not, it’s super helpful. I was chatting with a couple of friends after church Sunday night. One mentioned he needed a super-expensive data plan to send emails from his Treo. I said, “Just send it as a text message.”

Evidentally, he (and the other guy) didn’t know that you can send a text message from your phone to an email address. Yep, just make the recipient any email Continue reading

iTunes Plus

I wrote earlier this year about the EMI Record company releasing non-DRM songs and albums to iTunes. Well, it’s in full effect and many other labels are taking part. To learn about that, click here.

I was excited, then not excited. I was glad to hear that the files would not be copy protected, but then learned that they would be AAC format. Now, that’s not a bad thing – AAC is a very good sounding file, but I like MP3 since it’s more universal. Fortunately, you can easily convert the files within iTunes to MP3 if you’d like to move them around (in my case, to play them on my TiVo).

I just downloaded Steven Curtis Chapman’s “I Believe in You” from one of his newer albums. It sounds great. I then found a Merle Haggard best of CD and am loving it (don’t mind my taste, the sound is terrific!). What gives me peace of mind is the fact that in the future, if I have a different player than an iPod, I’ll be able to use these files unhindered by copy protection.

I applaud the labels involved and iTunes for taking this step. Hopefully they’ll understand that consumers aren’t going to just throw these files back on the web for people to steal. I paid for these songs fair and square . . . I’m not interested in pirating them to the public.

Now I’ll just have to keep my wallet in check since iTunes is soooo very easy to buy from!

Ubuntu Project

I had an old Pentium II 450 MHz desktop just sitting in the attic. I thought I’d fire it up and take a trip down memory lane to Windows 98. Well, all I got was a background image and it didn’t move on from there. So, I thought it was time for a clean start. I thought about reloading the 98 disc (if I could find it), but then remembered hearing good things about the current situation with Linux. If you don’t know what Linux is, it’s another operating system that works like Windows or Mac OS. Word on the street is that it’s more secure, but I’m not worried about that as much as ease of use.
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Effective Marketing

June 29 . . . that’s the date. iPhone will release on June 29 . . . my Cingular contract is up July 27. Guess that’ll give me a month to scour the reviews. I was sceptical (and will be until it’s in my hands!), but the latest ads at are really, REALLY swaying my opinion.

Check the following. I especially like the Calamari ad (Google Maps).

All about Tubes

Now, here’s a cool one. I haven’t had a chance to dive in (might edit this post later). However, check out If you are away from another collegue at work and need to grab files, you can set up a “tube” to their machine and grab and send files to each other. Great for the times you can’t email large files. Cool stuff!