Email through Texting

Here’s a quick tip you might not know. I know, you probably do . . . but if not, it’s super helpful. I was chatting with a couple of friends after church Sunday night. One mentioned he needed a super-expensive data plan to send emails from his Treo. I said, “Just send it as a text message.”

Evidentally, he (and the other guy) didn’t know that you can send a text message from your phone to an email address. Yep, just make the recipient any email address, type in your message, and viola, it sends right to them. I use it often to send myself reminders.

Conversely, if you want someone to send you an email to your phone, just use your phone’s email address. I believe you need a text message package in this case (and possibly for the above instruction). For example, with Cingular, just email the phone number with (i.e. and it’ll send right to them.

Hope that helps you to be more productive!

If you’re not into the above methods, check out or for more solutions.

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