Move over iPhone (for the most part!)

Alison (my wife) always tells me I have an amazing way of talking myself out of purchases. Now, this mainly pertains to clothing (I’m in my standard jeans and t-shirt as I write this). However, when it comes to electronics and gadgets, I’m extra cautious – although you couldn’t tell by my gadget to clothing ratio. Let’s just say I buy more things that plug in than things that hang in my closet within a given year . . .

So, onto this iPhone business. I’ve been back and forth about purchasing this uber-gadget since the news broke over it’s existance. I told myself that my next phone would be able to text and email with a full keyboard. So, when I saw that the iPhone would have an internal keyboard I was, as many other, awestruck.

I really almost bought one . . . I did, honest. Continue reading