Amie Street & Spiral Frog

Wow, that’s a mouthful! There are two new games in town for music downloads. One is an indy type locale where you can find the up and comers . . . the other is a full on popular music freeby site . . . with a catch.

Let’s start with Amie Street ( It’s a pretty cool idea. You head to their site, you search for music. The music starts out CHEEEEAAAAP (cheap as in free) and escalates as a song gets popular. It caps at 99 cents. While this is a neat idea, I found that the popular songs just aren’t there. I’m just not too keen on spending my time looking for songs I might like. I’m of the old school “heard it on the radio and want to grab it” method, which I think is still a valid way of doing business! Here’s hoping the major labels start to take interest in this method. Oh, and the kicker is that the music is DRM free . . . not locked in to a certain MP3 player.

The other service I’m looking into is called Spiral Frog. Free music from major artists. Now, doesn’t that sound nice? Well, of course, there’s a catch. You have to listen to an advertisement before each song!

I was mistaken with the previous sentence. There are advertisements, however, they are simply wrapped around the songs in play. Works well. We’ll see how this pans out . . .

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