Eye-Fi, Wireless for your digital Camera

Here’s a quick take on a cool little device. If you have a digital camera that uses an SD card (Canon SD line comes to mind), then here is a cool little device. It is a memory card (2 GB) that has built in Wi-Fi. When I first heard about this device a year or so ago, I thought “How can you tell the photos to send through the wireless without a menu on the camera”. Well, it looks like they have that covered. When you set up the device, you tell the software on your computer where to store the files. You also can set up an account with an online photo service like Shutterfly or Wal-Mart.

Then, just pop that little guy in your camera. If you’re around a Wi-Fi signal, each shot you take is instantly sent to your computer or your online service. How cool is that!?

While this is cool, I could see future versions with high speed cellular cards . . . that way, wherever you are, photos would be uploaded.

For details on this gadget, head to www.eye.fi.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve checked out the site. It’s really cool and makes life much easier.

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