Tailored for Paypal

I’m not sure if I’ve ever really blogged on Paypal. I won’t go into it, but it’s a great service if you have clients who want to pay you online. I try to keep a small balance for odds and ends that I might need (i.e. Monoprice), but sometimes the sites that accept Paypal are few and far between. Well, I stumbled on a little gem called www.thefind.com (enter paypal.thefind.com for this feature). They have searches for items that include just stores that accept Paypal. Pretty cool. I’m finding the selection isn’t as wide ranging as froogle.com or similar sites, but it is nice to have a one stop shop for Paypal only purchases.

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  1. Hi Lance

    Thanks for trying out http://paypal.thefind.com and glad you liked it! It’s the only site that helps you shop for items that are purchasable from merchants accepting PayPal.

    For a much broader selection that should be a better experience for you please do try out our main site – http://www.TheFind.com. We currently index over 200 million products from nearly every seller on the Web (for the US market). Just added is a “Local” search option (see the Local search filter on left side of the results) so you can find stores near you that may be selling the item you are looking to buy.


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