What the iPhone could bring

Update: OK, looks like there’s no camera! Still a good idea though. I’m reading that yet another version will be out first half of next year, so I’ll hold out hope!

I know there’s alot of chatter about the new iPhone’s possible release next week, but I think it’s merited. One thing I really think would change some things is the possible inclusion of a feedback camera beside the earpeice. It’s been speculated that the phone would have such a camera to look back at the user. Skype or iLife could easily setup video chat and 3G would be a good foundation. How cool would it be to say goodnight to the kids hundreds of miles away face to face?!

2 Responses

  1. Lance – I am so onboard with you with this new iPhone….I didn’t buy the first one because I was waiting on the 3G technology. I have a countdown calendar on my computer for June 9!!! Boy I am such a nerd!!

  2. Tell me about it! I even have plans to sit at the computer and watch the play by play on MacRumorslive.com at noon on Monday. Here’s hoping I won’t have to find a 3rd job to pay for the sucker!

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