Netflix: A Force to be Reckoned With

So, I’m a cheapskate (alot of the time anyway!). I do, however, have the $8.95 subscription to Netflix for the occasional episode of Prison Break (thanks to my uncle for tipping me off to yet another addictive show!). So, here I am, getting my 1 DVD at a time and totally fine with it. Well, Netflix has kicked it up a notch by offering streaming to your computer. Now, you don’t get the major blockbusters, but that will come. And, there are lots of great shows and movies for children (a big demographic in this household). So, I just hook up my laptop and let the kids watch some old Inspector Gadget (that takes me back) and life is good.

Like my TiVo, there’s a policing effect to choosing what your children watch. My kids don’t know what’s out there, because they pretty much watch what I provide them. I’m sure I’ll have to deal with some adjustments once they figure out there’s live TV though!

But, back to Netflix. Now there’s the Roku Netflix Player (see here). You can now buy a $100 box to interface with the streaming content from Netflix. No computer – totally simple. And, with the $8.95 plan I’m paying now (or higher), you get unlimited streaming. We could watch whatever we want from the Netflix streaming library . . . whenever we want.

Needless to say, any Christmas cash this year could very well be redirected to a special fund for that puppy.