Hulu Steps it up

Again with the Hulu, I know. But it looks like they’re up to something . . . something very cool. They’ve introduced Hulu desktop. I am a huge Netflix streaming fan via Roku, of course, but this is pretty slick. You download a desktop application that opens Hulu and allows you to use a Windows Media Center remote or Apple remote to navigate the content.

So, goodbye mouse and keyboard (though you can use a keyboard quite easily). I tried it out today and it works quite well, allowing you to drill down through content with pretty good logic.

The one thing I find with Hulu vs. Roku (Netflix) streaming is that Netflix has virtually no hiccups with pulling in the content (pauses, glitches). Hulu almost always gives me a staggered look at some point (I’m on a 10 MBit connection). My Roku box is stellar in pulling in content (I know, it’s dedicated to JUST streaming, so that’s optimal), but I get great streaming through Netflix’s web browser setup as well.

Anyway, this can only be a good thing – then there’s that dream of Hulu added to the Roku channels . . . sweet bliss.

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