iPod Car Integration

If you’re like me, then you like cars. At the same time, you like the tech that goes into cars (go to cars.cnet.com for a good lesson). For years, I have been looking for a good way to integrate my iPod/iPhone with our minivan (2002 Mazda). I looked at FM modulators, but they just plain stink at getting the sound through. I looked at changing the head unit of the stereo, but it would look horrible . . . so, I was sunk.

Until this Christmas. I finally found what I was looking for. The website I used, icarkits.com, has the Neo brand iPod car kit. No FM modulator at all . . . it overrides your car’s CD changer controls to give a direct connection to the audio system. And, it’s as good as that sounds . . .

I installed the system myself (seriously). All I had to do was pop off the dash cover, unscrew the CD player, plug in the wiring harness (they supply the correct one) and I was ready to go.

It sounds . . . well, perfect. And, to add to that, I can control the next/prev track and search my iPod just like a cd . . . from the controls of my car, not the actual iPod! Also, the docking connector charges your iPod. And, yes, it works with my iPhone 3G and my wife’s 3GS.  Also, we can still use the 6-disc changer that is in the dash.

I just wanted to share the joy . . . this is a great little device for getting your iPod linked into your system. And, they make devices for many different models of cars.  Hopefully this post will save someone alot of hassle with FM modulators and searching.

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