3D Cinema not worth it for me

Ok, so I LOVED Avatar. And, yes, it was in 3D. And, yes, that did enhance my depth of field a bit. But, even then, I think I would have enjoyed that movie in standard 2D.

Enter “How to Train Your Dragon”. I saw it yesterday with my wife and my two older children in 3D and it was all I expected – the movie, that is . . . Not the 3D.

I spent half the movie worrying about the haze around my periforal vision than the effects themselves. Not to mention a 4:00 Matinee cost $50 for 2 adults and 2 children.

And, I know, I paid the fee so I can’t complain. I just think I’ll save a few bucks and the let down that is 3D at this moment. Maybe they’ll fix the vision wrap around lenses, but until then, a good story line is really all I want to pay for . . . that and stuff blowing up, of course. I’m not THAT cultured!