Wii Netflix Player

Thanks to great games like Super Mario Galaxy and Wii Sports, our family game system stays pretty busy each day. Recently Netflix released the Wii Netflix player disc free of charge to customers. I, of course, use my Roku box often to view Netflix movies online, but they’ve done and even better job with the Wii. The interface is superb and finding new movies is almost fun. So, the stream isn’t HD, but it’s borderline DVD quality and the convenience far outweighs the resolution difference. This option made the Wii a whole lot more valuable. If you have Netflix and a broadband account (um, and a Wii), don’t pass this up.

iPhone 4 Review (well, a start)

It only takes 6 months without WiFi on your iPhone to realize what a fantastic feature it is . . . no matter what phone you have! Well, I finally received my iPhone 4 today. I was one of those skip-a-generation-and-let-your-wife-get-the-iPhoneS kind of people. Man, am I glad I waited.

For an iPhone 3G user, the jump to iPhone 4 is like, well, getting the iPhone for the first time almost. There are so many things I’m loving (and more things found each day), but here are three of my first big likes about the phone (and iOS 4):

  • Speed – for an iPhone S user, the speed bump insn’t as big of a deal (though some say it’s approx. 33% faster). Well, I was on the old 3G and this is a speed demon. The fact that I wait a couple seconds to start most apps is fantastic.
  • Multitasking (iOS 4; available on S model) – At first, it was kind of novel to pop open the bottom screen to see what apps are running. But, once you realize that the game of “Angry Birds” you started is still loaded and waiting after you check the weather (and vice versa), it really hits home. And, it’s amazing how many apps the iPhone keeps in memory just waiting to crank back up.
  • Face Time – let’s face it, this is a very cool feature – even if you won’t use it hardly any amount of time. I’ve tried it twice – once talking to a satellite broadband connection and once to a decent internet connection. The first was choppy, but the decent connection gave a good experience. It’s just cool to see the person . . . even cooler to swap the camera to the front view to show what you’re seeing. I hope this catches on . . . I really like it.

I’ll be back with more later. So far, so GREAT!

Givin the drummer some… (via BillReid on WordPress)

This is something to see . . . thanks for discovering this, Bill!

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via BillReid on WordPress

iPhone 4

OK, I don’t have much time, but here are some things I’m really excited about with the upcoming iPhone 4:

  1. Facetime video chat – I’m not sure how much I’ll use it, but a really cool feature I’ve wanted since forever!
  2. A4 chip – they say this dude’s a hair faster than the 3GS, but anything will blow away my aged 3G!
  3. Glass and more glass – the look of this guy is super slick. What thrills me is that my 3G has nary a scratch on the front glass . . . scuffs galore on the back. I might just go caseless . . . riiiight.
  4. That extra mic for noise cancellation just might be the sleeper feature . . . I’ll give it a good test in my Jeep (top’s off!)
  5. Video features – the iMovie app really got me excited. I use a Kodak Zi8 and love it. Add built in editing and I just might use my videos for once!

So, needless to say, I can’t wait. See you June 24th!