iPhone 4 Review (well, a start)

It only takes 6 months without WiFi on your iPhone to realize what a fantastic feature it is . . . no matter what phone you have! Well, I finally received my iPhone 4 today. I was one of those skip-a-generation-and-let-your-wife-get-the-iPhoneS kind of people. Man, am I glad I waited.

For an iPhone 3G user, the jump to iPhone 4 is like, well, getting the iPhone for the first time almost. There are so many things I’m loving (and more things found each day), but here are three of my first big likes about the phone (and iOS 4):

  • Speed – for an iPhone S user, the speed bump insn’t as big of a deal (though some say it’s approx. 33% faster). Well, I was on the old 3G and this is a speed demon. The fact that I wait a couple seconds to start most apps is fantastic.
  • Multitasking (iOS 4; available on S model) – At first, it was kind of novel to pop open the bottom screen to see what apps are running. But, once you realize that the game of “Angry Birds” you started is still loaded and waiting after you check the weather (and vice versa), it really hits home. And, it’s amazing how many apps the iPhone keeps in memory just waiting to crank back up.
  • Face Time – let’s face it, this is a very cool feature – even if you won’t use it hardly any amount of time. I’ve tried it twice – once talking to a satellite broadband connection and once to a decent internet connection. The first was choppy, but the decent connection gave a good experience. It’s just cool to see the person . . . even cooler to swap the camera to the front view to show what you’re seeing. I hope this catches on . . . I really like it.

I’ll be back with more later. So far, so GREAT!

2 Responses

  1. Argh. Corporate account. Mine is still in processing. Jealous now.

    How’s the battery life on the 4? On the 3G, I had to recharge about twice a day.

  2. I haven’t had a good day’s use, but after using it off and on all day Saturday afternoon evening’s charge, I had just under a half measure. And, since I was at home most of the day, I was on wifi when active. Not bad!

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