JoliCloud Linux Distribution

So, I installed Ubuntu Netbook Edition a while back and really liked it. Well, there was an upgrade to the Netbook Remix a month or so ago, so I tried it . . . not as great. It was a bit sluggish and the layout didn’t suit me.

So, I just heard that the JoliCloud 1.1 OS was just released. I always wanted to try it, but found Ubuntu just fine. Well, I had the HP 1000 just sitting there, so I went for it . . . glad I did.

Install was as easy as anything. Download an ISO file, run a program to save it to a USB drive, then boot the netbook from the USB drive (press F9 at startup). From there, it took about 5-10 minutes to install. Once booted up, it was ready to go . . . drivers (wifi too) included.

I’m toying around with it, but so far it’s a pretty sweet setup. Chromium Browser is ready to go, as is Facebook. A good number of the apps are simply portals to the web, but it actually works nicely.

I’ll try to post again later with updates, but if you have an old netbook or laptop lying around, this is a great use for browsing and simple computing (text editors are amply available). Go for it at!

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