Reckless Racing 2 for iOS (Review)

If you’re a guy like me, there was a phase of your childhood where Matchbox cars and Hotwheels were king. Endless hours of building rails, jumps and even dirt tracks in the yard kept me busy all afternoon. As I grew up, that kind of play faded, but with things like Nintendo, I never really left. I remember a game called RC Pro Am for the original Nintendo – it was my absolute favorite game. It was a “top down” racer where you viewed and controlled the cars from above and it was just out right fun. I never found a game to match that feeling of sliding around curves . . . enter Reckless Racing 2.

I hear that the first version of this game is very solid as well, but haven’t had a chance to look at it. All I can say is I’m totally hooked. This brought back that same game play and only elevated it. Now, I can move in and out of pavement (which is better controlled) to gravel (which has some great drifting) and even add some nice jumps for good measure. The game is excellently designed and the movement is great. Controls were a bit weird at first, but after a few rounds, I got the hang of it.

I never thought I’d be addicted to a kid-like racing game, but I’m totally there.

Highly recommended.

Windows 7 Speech Recognition Revelation (Revolution?)

I’m a HUGE fan of the Dragon Dictation app for iOS. I use it almost daily to spit out a text or two. Also, I’ve used it’s companion search app for web search and such, but the dictation is as close as this iPhone 4 fella will get to Siri (and, it’s all I need – ignorance is truly bliss).
I’ve always seen the Dragon Naturally Speaking application for the computer, but never have tried to dive in. Well, I just heard about Windows 7speech recognition, so I thought I give it a try. I vaguely remember it’s announcement when Win 7 was launched, but kept that the back of my mind. After becoming reliant on the iOS app, I felt it might be handy to have speech recognition in my day to day routine on the computer. After about 10 minutes of going through the setup to allow windows to recognize my voice, it turns out that it’s pretty great! In fact, I’m dictating this whole post at this very moment. 
Although I’ve just been using this system this morning, I think it’s going to turn out to be pretty useful. I see using it mostly for dictating emails and long text, but it is actually nice to simply say “open a program” and see the program simply appear. OK, maybe it’s just geeky kind of stuff, but that’s right up my alley.
If you have a windows seven computer, it’s definitely worth checking out. In order to find out how to use it, click your start button and tie speech recognition. You should see what you need there. All Windows 7 versions have it, so knock yourself out!