4g Hoax?

Ok, so I just saw a post about 4G and the progress they’re making. In this post, their speed tests were in the 2-2.5 MBit range. So, I jump on my speedtest app to reveal almost 5MBit on my connection. Misinformation, much?

iPhone 3G

Well, I bit the bullet this week and grabbed an iPhone. Aaaaaand . . . . it’s so worth it. Say what you want about Apple or hype or whatever. This sucker’s amazing. Batter aside, it’s all I wanted it to be. I’m sure I’ll ramble about stuff from time to time, so I won’t bother you with specifics now. Just wanted to voice my opinion. This is a major step in phone innovation.

What the iPhone could bring

Update: OK, looks like there’s no camera! Still a good idea though. I’m reading that yet another version will be out first half of next year, so I’ll hold out hope!

I know there’s alot of chatter about the new iPhone’s possible release next week, but I think it’s merited. One thing I really think would change some things is the possible inclusion of a feedback camera beside the earpeice. It’s been speculated that the phone would have such a camera to look back at the user. Skype or iLife could easily setup video chat and 3G would be a good foundation. How cool would it be to say goodnight to the kids hundreds of miles away face to face?!

iPhone 2.0oooooh, yeah!

Updated 05/24/08
www.macrumors.com has a hunch that iPhone 2.0 will support 3G at theoretical speeds of up to 43 Mbps. My cable modem runs only at 4 Mbps . . . is that just crazy talk?!

Let’s list the fun rumors abounding here lately:

  • iPhone is sold out online (in several places)
  • Apple Developer’s conference is June 9th (Steve Jobs will be speaking)
  • The iPod touch is now 32 GB (ok, this is just a fantasy of mine. If the new iPhone is 32 GB, I’m all but in)
  • AT&T is rumored to have a $200 incentive with contract. Now, that’ll help . . .
  • . . . . however, rumor is that the data plan would increase, because . . .
  • . . . . it’ll be 3G . . . mmmm 1.5Mbps transfer rate (yes, I’m a geek)!
  • Built in GPS – nail in the coffin for yours truly.

I’ll try to keep you posted, but, man it’s gonna be hard not to buy one if there’s a $200 incentive . . . here’s hoping.