Speaking of Amazon MP3

In my previous post, I mention Amazon MP3 briefly. It’s a known fact that iTunes is the leader in online distribution of music. That’s all well and good and they’ve definitely changed the face of how music is purchased by consumers. My beef with iTunes is that in order to play [most of] purchased tracks is to have an iPod. Now, I own an iPod and will probably never use anything else (it’s that good). However, I like to stream music from my computer to my TiVo (and any other device and future device that supports the MP3 format). Well, iTunes is AAC format . . . so, no TiVo or otherwise (at least not easily).

I say all that to say this: Amazon.com has an online store with high bitrate (i.e. great sounding) files that are totally unprotected. That means you can move them to whatever player you want, whatever computer you want . . . it’s all good. My thoughts are also on the automotive future (if I ever have the dough to get a new car!). Online hard drives are on the market, most of which support MP3.

 Aaaand, the Amazon store’s pricing is on par with iTunes if not cheaper in many cases.

Now, I’ll still probably buy my favorite artists on CD so I have the prisine quality if I need it as well as a backup. But those odds and ends that I have ringing in my head . . . well, 89 to 99 cents aint bad . . .