Google Chrome Angry Birds

Well, color me unproductive . . . Google has just released a free version of Angry Birds for their Chrome Browser web store . . . head to to start your addiction today.

Stupid Fast

Just a community reminder that Google Chrome 2.0 is out (web browser). Do yourself a favor and head to to download it. I can’t explain how fast it loads web pages – just trust me on this one.


So, there’s another web browser on the market . . . great. I’ve had enough fun trying to design for two major browsers (Internet Explorer and Firefox) and now Google throws another into the mix. I said I wasn’t going to bother . . . but there’s something worth looking at here.

The one thing that made me change the new Google Chrome Browser to my default is speed. It loads fast (every time so far) and the page loads are borderline ridiculous. It’s a night and day sort of thing.

So, now I use Chrome for general browsing. I’d say 99% of the time it’s dead on for loading stuff. If there’s a page that gets janky, I just open IE and let it roll. Small price to pay for speed.

How long do lightening bugs live? Followed by, My Dad’s a Genius

I was helping my 6-year-old daughter with her homework tonight. It was a project on insects. She chose the firefly, so we were debating the ins and outs of color, number of legs, etc. We were at the kitchen counter when she asked a question from further down the worksheet. “How long do lightening bugs live, daddy?” Not having any background in entomology, I was stumped. Thankfully, there was a laptop to my left, so I launched Google, asked the question, then found the answer (2 years by the way) all within about 30 seconds.

Honestly, how cool is it that in today’s world we can have answers that fast? We then set out to to search for more answers about said insect and found a world of information. Who knows how she’ll teach her kids . . .

. . . but for now, anyway, to her I’m a genius.


Great Googly Moogly . . . skip the GPS?

So, I was checking my Google Analytics account when I figured I’d head to their mobile site ( and see what’s new. Well, I saw that Google Maps for my phone (Symbian version) was out. I reinstalled it and fired it up to see something pretty remarkable. A wide blue circle was around my location on the map. I didn’t have my GPS enabled . . . they’re locating you by cell towers! So, they can get you within 2000 feet of your current location. Now, that’s pretty cool. I still recommend the GPS Method, but this is very impressive nonetheless.