Grocery IQ

OK, so I bout this iPhone App about one year ago and use it every trip to Wal-Mart. I know, it seems extra geeky to use your phone for a grocery list, but if you used it, you’d see what I’m talking about. I can organize the isles of the store allowing me to simply make a “loop” around the store . . . it’s great not to have to spend all my time going back and forth looking for items on a list (yes, I am a man after all). I can also save favorites to a list to allow me to go through common items to add to my next list – very convenient.

Then, enter the 2.0 version . . . take all the great stuff about the first version, then add the next three unbelievably useful features:

  • List sync – I now can share my list (or vice versa) with my wife. Now, you could just stop there and realize how cool that is (phones sync up with a server and keep the lists in sync), but realize that you now don’t have to discuss what’s needed at the store. When you think of it, just enter it and the other person will see it. So, no matter who goes to shop, your item you need is always in their list.
  • Coupons – there are ads (small) in this version, but you do get coupons that you can print or email. I don’t use this (yet) because I’m not accustomed to coupons, but it’s nice to have the feature nonetheless
  • Bar Code Scan – and, yes, this works surprisingly well. You just hold an item up to your phone (camera), then it scans it in and adds to your list . . . product name, details, etc. are all included. This is more of a novelty for me (I type in my items like I want them named), but for things you see in the store and want to add, it’s pretty slick.

So, in conclusion, buy this app. It’s just .99 and worth much more than that.