How to keep and HP Envy Laptop Cool (or any other crazy hot laptop)

This will be short. But, if you’re in my position and find this post, it will make your day (I hope!).

I have an HP Envy with an Intel Core i7 processor. It is big. It is fast. I have been very pleased over the past two years. There is one drawback – it is SO VERY HOT when using programs like Photoshop or Premiere, etc. I thought it might be a problem with video drivers, the fan, whatever. I had heard of cracking open the case and resetting the processor – not for me (on a laptop at least!). So, then I found it . . . and, this mostly works well for use at a desk, I realize.

USB Desk Fan

Yep, it was there all along. It’s pretty quiet and sits right out of the way. The one above was on clearance, so if it’s not there, there are MANY to choose from here.

Hope that helps – my computer runs as cool as ever now . . . even under a high load. Wow, it really is the simple things . . .