Distribute yourself to iTunes

So, I’ve often wondered time and time again how to get my singing group on iTunes. Since some of our albums are independent of our label, we’ve always entertained the thought of getting the music onto iTunes in order for radio listeners around the country (and world) to easily access our music. Up until now (at least for all I know), unless you were a major label or had the correct channels, getting onto iTunes was a tough road to go down.

Enter TuneCore.com . . . just upload your album to your account, and they handle the rest. They also publish you not only to iTunes, but also services like Amazon MP3, Rhapsody, eMusic, and more. The kicker is the fee to get plugged in – just $20 per album plus 99 cents per song and a yearly $20 maintenance fee. So, a 10 track album is $50 per year give or take to have a world audience.

 I’ll update this post as I progress with uploading albums . . . I have high hopes to say the least.