So, the email has been mine for quite a while (many years now). Well, needless to say, sitting here on my website, it’s probably seen every spam list on the net. And, I’ve felt that the past few weeks. I dare say at least half of my email was spam at some point. I run spam filters on my server, and it works great for most users, but I think my email is an exception to the rule. So, I searched. I found Cudamail (from Barracuda) and MXLogic, both services that filter your mail before it even gets to you. Well, both of those were a bit costly for just one email, so I was bummed out.

Enter Google to the rescue. Google bought Postini a while back (I vaguely remember hearing it, but didn’t know what it was). Simply put, I now pay $12 per year (yeah, per YEAR) to get some pretty great spam software. I get . . . wait for it . . . maybe 2 spams per day to my inbox (if any). I’ll gladly pay a dollar a month for that kind of service. With one week in, I’ve only had to approve 2 senders who were caught in the filter.

If you’re not familiar with web servers and the like, you might find it a bit challending to set up (you have to have access to your mail server MX records). If you’re Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail or the like, don’t worry, you have the best filters already. For all you POP3 folks, though – give this a try.

Happy, happy day.