iPhone 3.1.3 Update Problem

Here’s a friendly neighborhood tip for the latest iPhone 3.1.3 update – DON’T DO IT!

I ran the update an have had no wifi more than 10 feet from my router ever since. GPS is shot as well. I’ve stumbled upon some reports of the same bit want to do my part in spreading the word. Hopefully this will be resolved soon, but it’s been an eternity since I’ve had a decent iPhone. Good grief, Apple.

TruFone and Gizmo . . . mobile VOIP, woohoo!

I knew I bought my Nokia E61i for a reason. I was expecting the included Wi-Fi to be a nice bonus, but now I’m really feeling the potential.

Enter Trufone (www.trufone.com) and Gizmo VOIP (www.gizmovoip.com). These little gems of software load up almost effortlessly to my Nokia Smartphone (Symbian OS). I can now call anywhere in the US for free (via TruFone, Gizmo is just 1 penny per minute). No minutes are used from my cellular carrier since it’s over the Wi-Fi signal. Just too cool. And, international rates are just a couple of pennies per minute.

I’ve tried both services and like them both fine. I’m using Trufone since its (duh) free for at least the rest of 2007 (they might charge after that, but it’ll be minimal).

Well, I’ve just about ruled out TruFone . . . it was nice that it’s free, but it took up too much of my phone’s resources. Also, I couldn’t get it to stay out of my way – it would always try to make the default calls when on my home network. Gizmo at least lets me tell it when to call. And, the new version works like a champ – very easy to install. Winner: Gizmo

Update: 11/14/07
Well, looks like it’s a work in progress. While Gizmo connects fine and runs fine, folks are noticing quite the delay in audio getting to their phone . . . not cool. I think I might try Skype for mobile . . . we’ll see.