Animal Apps of All Things!

I know what you’re thinking. Gimme a break, he’s talking about animal apps. I would say the same thing . . . if I wasn’t a father of three! The two apps below are all but a guaranteed hit with the kiddies. (under 3 anyway)

Zoo Box
Straightforward with high quality pics, this app simply makes an animal sound when you tilt the phone over a certain animal. Simple, but even my one-year-old has it down (yeah, she’s an iPhone junkie!). I think it’s a paid app now (I got it when it was free). It’s worth a dollar though for the smiles! And, they update it (not often) with new pics and sounds.

I See Ewe
Similar to Zoo Box, but instead of pics, you get clipart animations (cartoons). They’re well done, and Lizzie (1) loves ’em. A simple click to see what sound the animal makes. Simple, but effective.