Hey Tell

OK, and I might just be on a “new cool app” high, but this Hey Tell app is on to something. It’s a simple concept – just press a button to voice a message and as soon as you release, it sends to the recipient (another Hey Tell subscriber).

I tested it with my wife last night and it’s pretty fast (just a few seconds between transmission). Now, aside from the cool, gee whiz factor, I can see this really useful for things like:

  • Sending a message while driving
  • Sending an after thought (like grocery shopping)
  • Just all around reminders will be great . . .

I’m excited for the app. It’s FREE, but that’s not even the best part. There are paid add-ons. One such addition is the ability to group message people – I’ll see how my friends adopt the app before trying this, but would be cool for group reminders.

All in all – great app so far! Oh, and it’l work between iPhone and Android – nice.

Update: With Apple inline audio, Hey Tell has taken a back seat. Still a great app otherwise.