I Think iBotta is for real . . .

OK, I’m not one to get into the coupon clipping routine. I do, however, realize that it really makes sense (ok, I’m lazy in that area!). Well, I was catching up on some of my tech news at the kitchen table and Alison, who IS the coupon type, and a champion at that, caught wind of a service called iBotta. It’s an app for your phone that throws the coupon game on it’s head – they actually pay you money for getting products. Tell you what, I’ll let her tell you . . .

I have been clipping coupons and price matching for many months. Recently, I discovered a new way to save money… by earning money. I downloaded an app called Ibotta. The app is free, and here’s how it works. Ibotta offers money for items purchased. For example, this week I purchased Mio water, Ore Ida french fries, Capri Sun, and hot dog buns – all items we used anyway – and earned $3.50. Then, through bonuses and incentives in Ibotta, I earned an extra $2.50. The money can be deposited into a Pay Pal account (easy to set up) or donated to a school of your choice. I started using Ibotta less than two weeks ago and have already earned $43.00 – for doing nothing!!! It’s super easy to use and kind of fun. Give it a try.

Sign up for an IBotta account here.

So, there you go – I’d love to be a nay-sayer, but but I think it’s for real. Oh, and guys, I appreciate the fact that you might have zero interest in this! Feel free to pass this page on to your better half! Have a super week!