What the iPhone could bring

Update: OK, looks like there’s no camera! Still a good idea though. I’m reading that yet another version will be out first half of next year, so I’ll hold out hope!

I know there’s alot of chatter about the new iPhone’s possible release next week, but I think it’s merited. One thing I really think would change some things is the possible inclusion of a feedback camera beside the earpeice. It’s been speculated that the phone would have such a camera to look back at the user. Skype or iLife could easily setup video chat and 3G would be a good foundation. How cool would it be to say goodnight to the kids hundreds of miles away face to face?!

Amazon MP3 is almost too easy

So, I was listening to Pandora again today. Ron Block (from Alison Krauss & Union Station) was featured from his album “Far Away Land”. I love this one song. So, I head to Amazonmp3.com, search for Ron Block, click buy MP3 (99 cents). From their I had to download their music manager. I was a bit concerned, but it took about 30 seconds maximum. Once I clicked OK, the file downloaded (in about 15 seconds). The really cool part is it automatically posted the song to my iTunes . . . without any effort from me!

I went ahead and purchased another track. Since the softward is installed, it automatically grabbed the file and downloaded it. My credit card is already logged with amazon, so there really is just ONE click to buy the song. In less than a minute I’m listening in iTunes.

Good work, Amazon.

Opera Mini Browser

Here’s a quick helpful post. If you have a smart phone with a browser, try out Opera’s mini browser (www.operamini.com). It’s a good bit speedier and gives you bookmarking features and such. You can even sync it with your desktop Opera browser to keep the same bookmarks. Give it a try. It’s free!

iPhone 2.0oooooh, yeah!

Updated 05/24/08
www.macrumors.com has a hunch that iPhone 2.0 will support 3G at theoretical speeds of up to 43 Mbps. My cable modem runs only at 4 Mbps . . . is that just crazy talk?!

Let’s list the fun rumors abounding here lately:

  • iPhone is sold out online (in several places)
  • Apple Developer’s conference is June 9th (Steve Jobs will be speaking)
  • The iPod touch is now 32 GB (ok, this is just a fantasy of mine. If the new iPhone is 32 GB, I’m all but in)
  • AT&T is rumored to have a $200 incentive with contract. Now, that’ll help . . .
  • . . . . however, rumor is that the data plan would increase, because . . .
  • . . . . it’ll be 3G . . . mmmm 1.5Mbps transfer rate (yes, I’m a geek)!
  • Built in GPS – nail in the coffin for yours truly.

I’ll try to keep you posted, but, man it’s gonna be hard not to buy one if there’s a $200 incentive . . . here’s hoping.