Bible App from You Version

Okay, I bought the holy Bible app from You Version about two years ago for my first iPhone. I really liked it, because of the chronological studies, the easy searchability, and the yearly plans. Well, now they’ve upped the ante with audio versions of some translations. I thought at first, well this might just be a gimmick, but it really is awesome. They have several translations with different versions of spoken word, and they all sound pretty good. I think it’s the New Living version I’m listening to that actually has music behind the vocals. Kudos to you version for an excellent app. Not to mention, it’s free! Now I really will have to dust off the Bible at home if I keep this up!

Google Chrome Angry Birds

Well, color me unproductive . . . Google has just released a free version of Angry Birds for their Chrome Browser web store . . . head to to start your addiction today.