So, there’s another web browser on the market . . . great. I’ve had enough fun trying to design for two major browsers (Internet Explorer and Firefox) and now Google throws another into the mix. I said I wasn’t going to bother . . . but there’s something worth looking at here.

The one thing that made me change the new Google Chrome Browser to my default is speed. It loads fast (every time so far) and the page loads are borderline ridiculous. It’s a night and day sort of thing.

So, now I use Chrome for general browsing. I’d say 99% of the time it’s dead on for loading stuff. If there’s a page that gets janky, I just open IE and let it roll. Small price to pay for speed.

Opera Mini Browser

Here’s a quick helpful post. If you have a smart phone with a browser, try out Opera’s mini browser ( It’s a good bit speedier and gives you bookmarking features and such. You can even sync it with your desktop Opera browser to keep the same bookmarks. Give it a try. It’s free!